Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Fire - A Poem

The heat is on
The fire ignited
Blazing all around; and inside.

Of having to touch
Of having to kiss
Of having to reach high; and deep within.

Reach for me
Hold me, I say
And you look at me; ohh! It kills.

So you take my hand
Place it on your lips
Somehow I smile shyly; at your loving kiss.

But the heat within
Raises its bar
For it felt your touch; and I run in your arms.

And you hold me tight
As I hug you back
Wishing time stops; we get forever.

I reach up to you
Holding your arms
You look down at me; and we kiss heatedly.

You touch, we kiss
And we kiss more.. and more!
Loosing count of it; I wish to loose more.

Then you touch me
Where I had so longed for
I raise my head and arms; invite you down.

You reach inside gently
But I can't hold it back
So you let yourself go; as I have.

And you love me
As you had never had
I ask; and you give it to me all.

Our sweaty bodies entwine
Our heavy breathes unite
Spent; I lie lovingly in your arms.

Minutes or hours later
As we awake
Looking at each other; we go at it again!

-Asra Ghouse