Monday, August 16, 2010

Is It Really Men Who Harass Sexually?

Spectacles of naked ladies have moved from seedy side streets to center-stage, where everyone - men and women – can watch them in broad daylight – Hugh Hefner

Recently, I happened to read an article in the Times Life section of Sunday Times, titled ‘Are you sizing her up?’ The article had a very juicy image of a man ogling into a woman’s micro-mini sized dress exposing her sleek long legs. Attention grabbed by the image, I started on with the article. A realistic read I must say.

A brief extract from the article:
Sizing her up are you? Ah ha, and you think she doesn’t have any idea what you are up to? Think again. For she knows. A woman has eyes at the back of her head when it comes to a man looking at her in a particular manner. Her antenna starts beeping and she reacts or responds, depending on how she feels about you! … When she leans over to hand you the papers, she knows exactly where you eyes are straying and staying stuck. When she bends to pick up the papers that have slipped to the floor, she knows you are trying to decipher the tattooed words just above her butt cleavage or admiring the color of her thong…

Very true, I thought. Women have shed their clothes and inhibitions. A category of women willingly takes advantage of a man’s weakness for the female anatomy, seeing nothing wrong with using their sexuality as bait!

For example- Click for video!

This clearly represents who the fool is and who is harassing whom. The women have conspired, taken advantage of his weakness and tricked him. And why not? If men have been accused of sexual harassment at the work place, women have their own brand of harassment that uses their own sexuality as their most potent weapon. Raunchy, right?

The article quotes Ariel Levy’s book, Female Chauvinist Pigs: Women and the rise of Raunch Culture. Ariel blames present American culture squarely for encouraging women to objectify themselves, because of which young girls believe they have to be ‘the hottest’ and ‘the sexiest’ rather than ‘the most accomplished’.

Point. However, personally I don’t suppose there is any er … ‘not right’ (lets just completely avoid the use of the word ‘wrong’) in this. Men are led into this ‘willingly’. It is an all gain situation. Women today think of their sexual allure as synonymous with women empowerment. Using their sexuality as bait, their power. A woman may or may not give you what you want but she will certainly string you along and milk you for what it’s worth. Make no mistake.

They say ‘It’s still a man’s world’. I ask, ‘Is it really?’ Women with their high heels have plunged, legs first, into the man’s world. Frankly, nobody should have any reason to complain here. Both sides are getting what they want. Men getting the pleasure of ‘you-know-what’ and women getting where they want to be. I have always maintained that, ‘women are sexual beings’. Sooner or later, it had to come out. What is natural cannot be bound. However, much as all men are not predators, and all women out there are not using their sexuality to lure men either. Most of us, men as well as women, just do our own thing.

What’s your thing? *wink*