Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Men, the more the merrier!

OK! Most women find it completely easy to understand men and equally difficult to live with them. Quite right. Typically men are simple and difficult; and women are complex and easy (exceptions of course in each)

Now, personally I do not understand how is it difficult to live with men. They are so natural beings :D So... male!! And girls, most of them do anything you ask for o.O -_- Anyway ..

This note is dedicated to all the men in my life! Love you all!! *blows a kiss* muuuuuaaah!!! :*

• when I'm scared; I go to a man who loves me ♥
• when I'm happy; I go to a man who's my friend :)
• when sad; I go to man who cares >:D
• when alone.. ok! I don't go to any man. I like to be alone :O
• when I feel sexy; I go to a man who gives me pleasure ;;)
• when I feel tired; I go to a man who is bored (:| [I can sleep peacefully there :p]
• when I'm sick; I should probably go to a male doctor.. However, I seek out the man who doesn't ask me to take medicines :)) [I do that myself] B)
• when I wanna tease; I go to man who's a fool =))
• when I wanna flirt; I don't go to anyone. He comes to me :-"
• when I'm serious; I go to my professor B) [don't ask who]
• and there are many others I go to just like that for no particular reason ..

Hmm.. Sometimes I wonder.. Wouldn't it be great if all these men would be one single man :-? Then I come to my senses and realize.. naaaah! Variety is the spice of life darling! The more the merrier! :D


PS- I just hope all these are not aware of the other, in the manner that should be :p

This brief was originally written in the year 2010. While much has changed since then, I'd rather not give away those updates. Enjoy the original version!