Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Poem :: The Aftermath

And now as we lie, spooned
In surrender, with our bodies
In harmony- naked and warm,
Lost in silent thoughts, against
The calming beats of our hearts.

He tracees tiny circles,
On my bare shoulders,
Cool finger tips against warm flesh,
Ripples of love that's tender,
And whispering words kinder.

Random nothings, secrets and fears,
Thoughts and feelings lost over the years,
Unmasked, spoken- the vulnerable revealed,
Becoming naked in true sense,
Breaking all barriers, leaving no fence.

I turn around and hug him,
Weakened and strengthened in the game,
Breast-to-chest, interlocked thighs,
Connected to the very nature of being,
'Mine,' he whispers.
'Yours,' I breathe.


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Image Courtesy: this page