MOVE ON MAN (my first ever poem)

The course of time,
I know will make me fine.
I can’t do much,
But the pain is such.
That I’ve started to rhyme

The days just fly
And the nights go by
I can’t do much
Oh… the pain is such
Knowing you are…not mine.

To fantasize the bliss
Of a touch and a kiss
Is it all over now?
Ask my dear how
Can I ever be in peace?

Are the feelings all gone
What was it that went wrong
And do I still wait
Knowing it’s too late
Did we ever share a bond?

If this was a test
Then I did my best
Have I failed or passed
Or is everything surpassed
You’ve laid expectations to rest

I can’t do much
‘coz the pain is such
Move on-life though unfair
It is but a game
No more you're allowed to touch!!


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