Story :: Impact Of Steel (HP Fanfic)

This One Shot is written for 'One Shot Competition HP/Non HP' for HPF&F 1st anniversary celebrations. 2009

I am not Jk Rowling, nor do I own any of her Harry Potter characters or places etc, this is a fanfic, written out of a love for her works, not to make money.

Part 1:
The house was situated on a faraway island. It could not be called a house. It had an eerie look about it, which gave an impression of decay and death. No body ever came to this place anyway. Which was why, he chose the place. The plan was perfect. It would mean ‘Rule over humans’. Nothing could go wrong this time. Except that one man… However, he had plans for him. This time nothing could go wrong.

His long cloak swished behind him, as he flew towards the house. He was the only man who could fly without wings. All he needed was a magnetic base. He would stand on it and control the earth’s magnetic field for suspension. That was how Magneto had crafted this ingenious vehicle for himself. Eyes closed, hands raised in concentration, Magneto steered his ship towards the house. Everyone must be there by now, he thought. His orders were firm and clear. All mutants had to assemble for a very important revelation at half past five. There could be no delay. No. He could not risk it. Everything had to go by the plan.

Part 2:
In a far away land, hundreds of years ago, a young boy in his early teens woke up with a start. Never had he seen such a dream. A nightmare he would call it. The boy had long auburn hair and his blue eyes twinkled in the dim light of the night, as he tried to recollect the memory of what he’d seen in the dream.

Weird people they were. And they were planning the death of many people. One man, his voice cold, appeared to be their leader. ‘Thisssss is the moment’, he’d said and the‘s’ seemed to linger on like the hiss of a snake. The memory of which brought goose flesh to Albus Dumbledore. Who were these people? Was it just a dream really? And what moment was the leader talking about? There were no answers to so many questions of his.

Albus sighed and stretched. Stepping down from the bed, he made his way to the window. Godric’s Hollow was beautiful to watch in the early morning hours. It was a semi-wizard village and Albus Dumbledore was a wizard. A wizard fresh from his 3rd year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. He had loads of fun learning spells and trying them out at school. However, the only problem came during the holidays. He was shut in the house, could not use magic and that bored him a lot. The only thing he was looking forward to this weekend was the trip to London with his brother, Aberforth.

Things at Godric’s Hollow were so peaceful. Albus amused himself by looking at a butterfly. Old Bathilda, his neighbour, treated him by changing the colors of its wings a few times and Albus clapped for her. He smiled stupidly. Everything was fine. He was worrying about something which was just a nightmare for the past half an hour.

Part 3:
The inhabitants of the house were all quiet. No one had anything to offer in reply to the question put forth them. Raditor was late. And no one had a clue as to where he was at that moment. The long table was seated by all the members called. There was just one seat vacant. Magneto looked around the table from his center. No one seemed to want to meet his eye.

“What do I make of this?” he asked calmly.
“I ask you”, he continued smoothly, “to come here by half past five. Any delay would result in an adverse effect. Did I or did I not?”
The words were told very smoothly, yet no one missed the terror hidden beneath them. A few of them exchanged nervous glances.
“What we’re doing here today, is highly advanced form of science. Each- single- mutant’s- DNA- is – required”, he emphasized. “We have to rule the world. Humans are far below our intelligence. I see no reason why the President is elected every five years, when we can rule them and all their matters could and should lie at our mercy.”

He looked at each one of them. No one met his eye, save the one woman. She sat next to him on the table. Her yellow eyes seem to pierce through matter. She met his eye and said, “Raditor has gone to the other side. The Wolf has persuaded him to join hands with the old man.”
“Is that so Mystique? Interesting indeed. Very well. He will be taken care of when we rule though. Our experiment cannot be delayed further. It has to be tonight or it will be never. We will do it without Raditor.”
“But Magneto… we cannot proceed like that. The dimensional podium was made with each of ours’ DNA. If we do not have Radior’s, it might…”
“It might what? Fail?” smiled Magneto. “This will not fail. This cannot fail. The time, my dear mutants, has come for us, to rule the world. This is the age of mutants.”

Everyone seemed determined by this new energy in Magneto. They were ready with hungry expressions in their eyes.
“Beam, get the box for us please”, said Magneto.
Now is the moment. Now.

Part 4:
Albus Dumbledore was bumbling along the streets of London, dressed in what he thought to be normal muggle attire and whistling a strange tune. The muggles of London all stared as this crazy man in a bright pink blazer with orange and yellow pinstriped trousers that had tucked into them, a startling blue top that matched his wise eyes.
Who is this man?
thought many of the people as he passed on by.

Albus Dumbledore was, of course, oblivious to all the attention he was getting. He carried on along the streets, whistling to himself. He passed many shops on a long road known as Oxford Street. Muggle London was amusing to view even if one had important business to be done. Albus and Aberforth had come to London, and moved apart to look at it from their own views. Albus amused himself with the various shops. The sweet and toy shop amused him. ‘Muggle sweets… hmm… how would they taste?
Hang on...’
 He thought to himself. ‘This isn't where the Ministry is located. By Merlin! I've gone the wrong way.’

The teenager looked around here and there. Whom to ask the way? A handsome young boy, with golden locks around his neck, sat at a bench all alone. He seemed quite vary of the place. Albus approached the boy nervously.
“Hello”, he said reaching up.
The boy looked up at Albus and smiled.
“My name is Albus.”
“Hi. My name is Gellert. Gellert Grindelwald”, said the boy offering his hand. The boys shook hands.
“I actually have to get to the Embankment and I don’t seem to find my way around. Would you possibly guide me, please?”
“Sure chap! You can take the underground and get off at Embankment... it's over there.”
“Thanks Gellert.”
“With pleasure, Albus.”

Part 5:
The box was tiny yet it was very heavy. Beam wondered what it might contain. He set the box on the table, in front of Magneto and returned to his chair. Magneto stood up.
“This, my dear mutants, is a device, constructed by our unique abilities. It is the source for our success…”
“Can’t he cut the lecture and be done with it?” whispered someone to his partner at the far end. The both of them chuckled.
“… and chuckling will surely not lead you to that, Eaglao and neither you, Voloport” and they stopped their chuckles.
“Those of you who have already heard the immense technicalities of this, might I ask you to join me over there”, said Magneto and pointed towards an open area.
Noiselessly, all the mutants went over to the area. It was an open garden. The grass was cut and there was a circle drawn on the ground.
“Stand on the circumference all of you.”
The command was obeyed.

Magneto opened the box and removed a tiny odd shaped structure from inside it. It had a white glow around it. So strong was it’s piercing glow that most mutants shut their eyes tight.
“This is the device. I call it ‘Towards Future’. It will take us to the destination we desire and in the state we desire.”
Everyone exchanged puzzled glances. Yet, no one dared to ask how that would happen.

“Hold your hands everyone. Today, we go to London 2035. And today, we will rule London.”
Everyone held hands. The circle around them became blue and emitted a fiery glow. The glow became prominent as Magneto tossed the ‘Towards Future’ in the air, right in the middle of the circle. A strong breeze started to blow. The trees around swished their leaves and branches and the noise generated was so hard, it was impossible to hear anything else. Big and heavy drops of rain began to fall. Saltino thought, he would melt in this storm.

“… WHEN IT COMES DOWN…” Magneto was yelling over the storm, “… MOVE TOWARDS THE CENTER OF THE CIRCLE ALL TOGETHER….”
More wind started to blow. Few trees here and there got uprooted. A tornado started to form around them. Rain, trees, sand all in the wind.

‘Towards Future’ seemed to take an eon to return to earth. It was suspended in mid air, thunders radiating out of it. Purple, blue, red… various colors. At long last, gravity seemed to get hold of it and it began to fall down. Yet, it was a very slow motion. Slow and slow it reached the earth.
“NOW!!!” shouted Magneto and all of them moved in together.
‘We’re gonna bump into each other and kill ourselves’, thought many of them.

But the bump never came. They moved and moved inside the circle and seemed to swirl around. Pitch dark blackness engulfed them all and no one seemed to hear or see anything. They just went on with the motion. Round and round and round. Waiting for it to end.

At last, his feet touched the ground.

Part 6:
Oh Godrick?! What is this place? Albus thought as he looked at the many different coloured lines, wondering which one would take him to where he needed to go.
"Excuse me, which line goes to the Embankment?" Albus asked a man stood near him. The man turned around to face him. "Oh Merlin!Horace Slughorn! What are you doing here?
Slughorn laughed at Albus. "The same thing as you. Or well now it's the same thing. I'm here to defeat you." He raised his wand at Dumbledore.
“Now, look here, underage wizards are not allowed…” began Albus.
“OH don’t give me that nonsense! You and your followers who worship you, don’t you go about doing this at Hogwarts?” he thundered.
“We do nothing of such kind.”
“Oh! You don’t don’t you!” 

Just then a small boy ran up to his mother shouting. 
"Mum, mum! Look what I have, it's a cookie cutter in the shape of the underground!"
"Oh that's nice dear" his mother answered nonchalantly as she studied the map on the wall.
“Mum, mum! Look at those people”, cried the boy again and Albus and Horace lowered their wands and looked around in caution. However, no one seemed to be looking at them. All faces were towards a group of people who looked out of place, even to the wizards.
“Are they aliens Mum?”
“The earth is going to perish!!!”

“Who are they?” asked Albus to Slughorn.
“Search me. They don’t look like muggles do they?”
“Not to me.”

They seemed like a confused lot. Moving about here and there, sticking together. Avoiding all the stares. One man had a long cloak around him, with a helmet on top of his head.
“Is he some race driver?”
“They may be film actors…?”
The man in the cloak seemed to be their leader. He kept whispering something and the group nodded now and then.

Part 7:
Magneto and his group of mutants had no idea where that they had landed hundreds of years ago in London. That was not the matter which bothered Magneto right now. His main focus was to get the ‘Towards Future’ back. He could hear fellow mutants murmuring behind his back.
“A complete failure…”
“…have no idea where we are…”
“Look at these people…”

“LOOK AT THOSE PEOPLE!” screamed Beam suddenly pointing at Albus and Horace, and all the people turned towards the source of noise and then the direction of the pointing finger. All the mutants started to laugh. The idea of humans dressing up so weirdly, confirmed their notion that humans indeed require mutant forces to rule them, even in matters as petty as dressing up in a market.
“London”, said one of the mutants.
“Yeah… we’re in London. Underground.”
“At least some part of ‘Towards Future’ worked”, they laughed aloud.

A boy with golden locks rushed towards the group of the strange people and stood in front of them with a stick in his hand. Gellert Grindelwald had taken the insult of Albus and Horace to heart and went up to duel.
“So mister! You think laughing at us will let you get away. You … muggles! MUDBLOODS!!!” he spat.

Albus and Horace stopped in their track and turned.
“Merlin!” whispered Albus. “What’s he doing that for?”
“The stupid bastard will land us all in trouble now”, added Horace.

Part 8:
Muggles surrounded the scene.
“Mum, what’s the little boy going to do with a stick in his hand?” asked the boy with the ‘London Underground’ steel cutter.

The group of mutants seemed to enjoy this display of emotion by a human. What idea did they have that they were facing Gellert Grindelwald. A wizard who would be known for his dark magic later on. He was just a kid right now, with a wooden stick in his hand.
“Are you going to beat me up with that stick, little cutie one?” jested Mystique and everyone laughed.
“You woman! Which box of paint did you fall into you muggle? How did you get so blue anyway? Or did someone enchant this color with a sticking charm on you”, smirked the young Grindelwald.
“The boy is a crack case. Humans and their emotions.”
More laughter.
“You will pay for this. I-am-not-a-human!” said Grindelwald with a rage in his eyes. 

"Grindlewald you will never get away with this! Dumbledore yelled, and rushed forward. “Please. You cannot risk it. This is not worth it.” 
Only his voice went unheard as there was a loud sound coming from the underground below. A huge herd of deer came running through the station just at that moment, and the crowd of muggles ran helter-skelter. Albus Dumbledore was knocked off his balance. He fell to the floor and felt something sharp pierce his knee. 
"Grindlewald? Where are you, show your face! Dumbledore called as he looked around the station. But Grindlewald had disapparated as the stampede of deer had ran through the station. And so had the strange people disappeared.

Part 9:
”Where is everyone?” Dumbledore muttered to himself. He felt someone pulling on his trousers and looked down to find the young boy looking up at him.
”Mate, can I have my cookie cutter back please? Dumbledore looked down at his knee, where the pain was coming from. He noticed the boy's cookie cutter wedged into it and looked back embarrased.
"Yes, I'm sorry, here, wash it before you use it though."
"Thanks mate." The boy ran back to his mother.

“Stop right there little boy. That’s no cookie cutter in your hands”, Magneto crossed the little boy’s path.
“What sir?”
“Yes, boy. Hand it over to me and it will stain all the trouble for the humans.”
The boy stared at Magneto innocently. His eyes watery.
“Sir, this is mine. I…”
“Did you invent it?
“No sir.”
“Did you buy it?”
“No sir.”
“Then hand it over”, glared Magneto at the boy.
The little boy seemed to not let go of this discovery. He looked around but could not find his mother. Suddenly the cutter seemed to fly out of his hands by its own. Magneto used his skills to suspend it in air.
Laughing at the little boy’s expression he said, “Your fate will change. You humans will be ruled by us!”

All the mutants assembled in a circle and Magneto tossed the ‘Towards Future’ high up again. After what seemed like ages, it came down and London Underground shook. Muggles around felt an earthquake, but Albus was far away from all this hustle. He was lying in a corner, unconscious. His knee covered with blood. The shaking Underground shook him back to consciousness.

Dumbledore looked down at the blood staining his trousers and pulled the leg up to discover a cut on his knee in the shape of the London underground. He used a spell to get rid of the blood and heal the cut as best he could. What was left when he was finished was a small, shiny scar of the underground.
"Well, that's just great" He mumbled. He looked more closely at the scar and traced one of the lines. 
"Ah, embankment is on underground line 2" He stood up and set off to the correct station to head to his meeting at the ministry.

Part 10:
“Oh Albus!” spoke up McGonagall. “Was it painful?”
“Oh my dear Minerva. Good things don’t come to us without pain generally”, replied Dumbledore, his white long hair gleaming in the sun.
The two of them were strolling Hogwarts gardens. McGonagall had somehow persuaded Dumbledore to tell him his tale of how he got the ‘London Underground Scar’ on his knee. And here it was. His one bony tale.


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