▌ 66 reasons I'll miss SUCP - a farewell note ▐

Four years ago, on the 4th of October, we saw each other, not knowing each others' names nor anything. Now we know not just the names (of course :p) but many other things as well.. And the one thing we know for sure is, we're gonna miss this all!

Farewell notes going about everywhere.. Well..Here's my 66 reasons [each one corresponding to our roll numbers :D] for why I'll miss my days at SUCP .. check out ur roll coz.. hey! there are no names ;) our roll no. is our identity :p

I'll miss ..

1. the confusion on her face during labs :p and her phone ringing in her white bag.. but most of all i'll miss talking about her in our group :D

2. my project mate :D :D I'll miss that sincere smile of his .. and OH! will always remember the surprise he gave us all during our seminar presentation in 4/1 :D

3. the sincerity she inspires in me.. love u Addu >:D

4. her point in every point ;) [u know what i mean here na.. :p]

5. My Baby Doll :D :D The Smile of our group... ♥ ♥ ♥

6. Her khud-khushi :p The babe :D

7. Will miss seeing her sit in front of me during class... her head nodding when she's explaining anything.. AND i'll miss her eyes!! lovely eyes...

8. Our bickering during Ist Year :D and her kohl lined eyes


10. Mere humnaam... will miss her laugh! and everything abt her... did i ever tell u i love u? :p >:D

11. I'll miss myself ... haha.. mere sms-ing class mei.. reading novels in class..dreaming while looking at profs with fake attention...

12. My Lifeline :) ♥ ♥ ♥

13. Will miss our viva sessions with him :D his hair style :p

14. her attendance k liye jaldi jaldi bhaagna in labs.. and her cool jokes :D


16. Her grace and peace

17. Meri jaaaaaaan >:D

18. Her dresses :D and her smile.. and her voice

19. OHH!! The gem.. I dont feel good without her presence in class at all.. will miss u loads! >:D

20. Our Fed chats :D Our Fed craze :D Remember Nosh k mobile mei updates dekhe thay semi final k?? Gosh! Will miss u loads JJ !! love u!!

21. Her witty lines! Our lunches together :) Lately i've come to loving you a lot .. will miss her bindaas nature...

22. Her composed nature .. her sense.. bohat achhi bachhi hai :)

23. Her sexy voice .. Her attitude.. !!

24. Her peace :)

25. will miss not knowing this person :O :p

26. His stories I get to hear :p and his comments in class... ma'am lets play antakshari =))

27. His masoomiyat :p haha.. No first hand knowledge here .. but Afsh tells us all :D will miss those..

28. Will miss the his sports attire.. :p and The Blue Shirt !!
29. His seminars ..!! mast hote hain! :D

30. Will miss my sexy babe.. sweety love u so much dunno what to say :) ♥

31. her will .. and her crazy days :p

32. My Perfect Lady ♥ ♥ ♥ Will miss her sense.. her approach to situations.. matlab EVERYTHING!! She's the best!!!

33. Her pony tail :P hehe.. will miss the way she explains theories :)

34. Her preparation during exams! :D And her attitude towards the course.. !!

35. Her hair!!! love 'em... Her attitude... !! Ultra cool!

36. She's my all rounder! Beauty with brains! ♥ ♥ ♥

37. Her one-liners :D

38. Her quiet nature ..

39. Her sexy khol lined eyes! her voice .. babe!! will miss seeing those..

40. will miss her funny stories..

41. Will miss her on my birthdays :( .. will miss her chatter in class..

42. Will miss not knowing this person :O :p

43. will miss his entertainment during Sports Week

44. Her jokes :D her composure .. and her brains :)

45. The Diamond of our class B-) The Brain :p hehe.. will miss u loads ♥ ♥ ♥ wont say much .. cant say actually.. bohat lamba likhna padta :p

46. My project mate :D :D Will miss his confused expression during the project days.. :O

47. Her singing :D Her eyes (I love those!!) Her hair style... Ultra cool babe!! >:D

48. Our days when Chemistry padhte thay saath ...

49. My Sexy Babe!!! Oooh!! Aaah :D will miss u loads.. ♥ ♥ ♥ the way she says 'yo' and 'dude' and 'babe' and sabkuch ... love u yar!

50. Her style :) Her voice... her sense of right and wrong.. love u >:D

51. Will miss not knowing this person :O

52. hahaha.. weird... how to say this... will miss 'not seeing this person in class' .. hmm his sense of organization .. Freshers' Party time pe jo dekha tha..

53. Stuck! :O there's too much to write :p hmm..His explanation style .. he knows what he says ..!! His speeches during elocution..

54. My Project Mate :D :D Will miss his 'reasoning as to why Mushraff Sir se close rehna chiye' ki theory :P our project days .. Sports week wala dialogue 'it seems' :p

55. Haha.. his style of giving a speech/seminar (will never forget the 'solubility' wala seminar) :p His voice!

56. Her mimicry styles :D Her jokes .. >:D

57. Her stories :D her chatter :D

58. a person easy to work with..

59. Will miss not knowing this person :O

60. His frown wala expression :p Sports Week time pe he was cool! :)

61. The help he gave us with the frogs in cology lab!

62. Her non stop chatter.. her innocence :p love u :)

63. her easy going attitude ! :)

64. My Project mate :D Will miss not seeing him much in that :p

65. Her cool attitude!!!! The way she says 'babezzz' :p love u :)

66. His helping nature .. !

These are some of the few things i'll take along with me from you all..I'm not gonna make this emotional :p and ..Hey, if i got the rolls mixed up, lemme know :p

Wish you all the best of what is there in the world!
With lots of love
~ Cheers!!

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