A Green Tomorrow :)

In the year 1968, 20th Century Fox Film Corporation brought to us the movie, Planet of the Apes, set in the year 3068.

Showing us as it ends how a (supposed) nuclear war has destroyed the New York City. Also, making the world unfit to live.

All this time.. It was Earth!
The year 1993 saw the sequel to the TV show, The Girl From Tomorrow- Tomorrow's End. Set in the year 2500, it shows us a polluted and wasted Earth with people fighting in the name of water.

Welcome to my home- Silverthorn

 Wall-E by Pixar , in the year 2009, set in the year 2700, once again brings us face-to-face with the same harsh fact. 

If there's one cause for our planet being destroyed, it is - 

Enough said.
Do your bit to save the Earth!

Be the Alanas, Jennys, Wall-Es and Eves!

 PS: My bit- I don't litter! :)

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