Harry Potter and Life

Hello :)

I'm still waiting for my Pottermore Welcome email. Unlike others who're blaming it on Errol for the delay in the welcome owls reaching their inbox, I suspect nargles are behind its delay. Whichever the case, this is causing delay in my own blog post on Harry Potter. You see, I intend to include my pottermore details in it ;)

However, I have a little sneak peek on the post! Yay! A picture I made in Photoshop which I will be using in my post - exclusively released on my blog today. Now, I haven't added any watermark on it as it will spoil the image. Please maintain online ethics and do credit me if you wish to download and use the image.

Thank you for taking time out to read this quick, short, random blabber!

1 - 10 of Harry Potter

 I hope to receive my email by the end of this week.

Until then. *mischief managed*

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