Potter and More

Hello all :)

I've had a pretty busy last week.

I've recently started work as a partner for the blog Be the Best. My partner and I are doing whole lots stuff for all the youngsters out there. It's a massive project which we had been planning for quite some time now. After weeks of planning we finally decided to do a small start for it. What best place but our own Blogger to do that? The blog is a small start for us. Do check it out :)

For my own blog, I'm working on two articles dealing with e-reading and Harry Potter; both the topics being very close to me. I've constantly received feedback from many friends and readers of mine claiming I deal with only serious topics for my articles. To them I want to say - Harry Potter is coming up! :)

Stuff at Goodreads is getting hectic. I've recently been selected as a Librarian there. It's a very responsible job, although there is no pay :p I enjoy it of course! My rankings are going up though. I've broken into the list of the Top 100 Reviewers of all time for India! Yayyy!

I'm still using Chrome by the way. Oh! And I've started to tweet! You can join me on Twitter now - @asraghouse. Anyway... Chrome is proving useful for all my heavy work now. What with countless tabs (mail, FB, Twitter, Pottermore, Goodreads, Veritaserum, etc) in my browser, a clean and washed one comes in handy, I say :D

Pottermore Welcome Owls are soaring in the skies now. I'm waiting for mine to reach my inbox. Meanwhile the one's who've got in are giving wonderful views of it =) The artwork for each chapter, the extra material by JKR, her personal life's take on HP, etc. So, I'm all excited to start my journey there!

That's all my online life. Apart from this there's even more going on in my offline world. You wouldn't want to know that, I know. So, I'll sign out now..

Hope you had a great weekend!
Happy Independence Day!


PS: I'm still waiting for my Pottermore Welcome mail =(

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