Lizard on my Head - A Poem

What a day it is
When a lizard
Falls on your head?
A grown up lizard,
A fat lizard..
You touch it
With your finger,
Not knowing what it is
To discover a feeling stranger.

And it fell on my head,
I touched it in stead
Of jerking it away.
With a scream,
I punched it in a bucket
And jumped back like a rocket.
Stood in a corner, naked
When I should've bathed
How rude to attack in the bathroom!

How dare you lizard!
Now get ready for a blizzard.
Armed with the hand shower,
I moved a little closer.
It looked up at me,
With two beady eyes.
And I uttered a battle cry.
Turned the hot water on,
Marched ahead bravely,
Rock ON!

But the enemy
Sensed the heat,
And chose to retreat.
It made a clumsy jump
On the wall,
Yet didn't fall.
And it crawled uglily,
Up to the ceiling,
I stood staring
At it, with fiery eyes
Until it yielded;
Stopped staring back
And went away.

So, I won the first round,
But the lizard's dirty feel
Still hounds.
And hence, of that species
All are my enemies.


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