Random Thought :: On Charity

Update (2019) - I was wrong about everything I wrote below. It's called personal growth.

I think that I believe in charity - if it can be called a 'thing'. However, I do not believe/feel that I did anything good when I give out money as charity. Sure, it might reach the needful. Sure, they might really be needful.

I'd rather a less materialistic, more personal way to give charity: have a poor hungry person at home and give them food, give a poor man's child basic education, give time towards making a shelter for the homeless. And the likes.

But, no! They'd rather have the money, of course.

Now, could this mean I do not like giving away my money? Let me make it clear - That's true.
I think money is impersonal. (Again) I don't feel like I did a good deed by giving away money. And, if the whole point of charity is to provide help to the needy, then I think the help should be (more) permanent.

PS: These thoughts do not pertain to Zakat.

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