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"Writing is a lonely profession."
There are many articles giving advice on this topic. In fact, brainpickings has a complete section on this containing advice from famous authors/writers. I am no expert. Neither am I anyone to give advice. And get this: I am not giving advice. This article is not about how to become a writer. That’s a different thing. This is about how to write. A flowchart, if you will. All it takes is the following steps-

STEP 1 – Enter your room. Make sure you are alone.

STEP 2 – Close the door. Lock it.

STEP 3 – Sit at your desk. If you don’t have one, make sure you have a separate area in your room where you sit and write.

STEP 4 – Disconnect the internet.

STEP 5 – Take your book, writing pad, or whatever piece of paper you’re writing on, and a pen.

STEP 6 – Write.

It might seem silly and simple – stupid even, to most people. But, it is what works (at least for me). Writing at its best happens when you are alone. Whoever said, ‘writing is a lonely profession’ was right. It is only possible to pour your thoughts out when no unwanted voices and thoughts are disturbing you. If you are a writer and have written something in the past, look back. You will find that the best pieces of your work came out when you were at a place that was quiet. Quiet places bring out peaceful words. And peaceful words give meaning to your writing.

Another silly thing from the above steps must be STEP 6: Write.
So, is that all? Yes. It won’t happen unless you sit down and do it. There is no such thing as the ‘right time.’ Perhaps you’re not in the right mood. That’s OK! It happens. However, most of the times you ARE in the mood.

Picture this: It’s an inspiring day outside. You feel a great idea building in your head. You can hear the words moving inside your head. YES! ‘I’m gonna write today’, you think. And you open your laptop/computer. You write the first two lines that form the theme of whatever you plan to write. But then (suddenly) you feel as if the words don’t come out. You know they’re there inside your head. You can hear them moving inside. Your mind is speaking to you without any voice. But the damn words don’t come out. You sit there with your hands on the keyboard – wanting to type but nothing happens. You feel lost. And, the next thing you know you’re clicking random nothings on Tumblr, Twitter, and Facebook.

All of us relate to this. I relate to this.

When you are in the mood, nothing can stop you from writing (except yourself, of course). You just gotta take your book and write it down. Type later. And, don’t say ‘writer’s block.’ There’s no such thing as that. For the breed writers, there are always words going on inside their heads. Sometimes you don’t get the proper sentence. But, don’t let that stop you. Write down any (even meaningless) sentences (about whatever you’re writing). Because you can always edit it. (Read this for more)
“You might not write well every day but you can always edit a bad page. You can’t edit a blank page.” – Jodi Picoult

BONUS STEP: Results don't matter.
The results of what you’re writing DO NOT matter during the time you’re writing.  So, stop thinking about getting it published, or being a featured writer, posting it on your blog, or mailing it to your best friend. That part comes later. It won’t happen unless you actually write the stuff, right? Write first. Publish later.

Write – because you love writing.
Write – because you are a writer.
Write – to become a writer.

I hope this helps. Good luck!

For a more upgraded advice check this link about how to tackle fear and this link for collected wisdom of great writers.

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