Poem :: A Friend in Need

Dedicated to you, my friend, for being there. Happy Friendship Day! :)

It was three a.m. that night,
Months later after that boyfriend fight,
When I didn't know what's right-
I sought a friend,
To help me with my woeful plight.

He was instantly there,
Alongside my demon's lair,
Showing me the genuine care-
I sought a friend,
My worries who would bear.

And so he lent both ears,
To my complicating fears,
Battling my avalanche of tears-
I sought a friend,
The one who says, 'M'dear.'*

He let me rant on for a long while,
Then calmed me down and made me smile,
Biting down the resenting bile-
I sought a friend,
And discarded my trash pile.

No solution he offered for me to heed,
I just wanted a friend, my mind he reads.
And when I was in shit-real need,
I had that friend,
Who's a true friend, indeed.


*Dude! I hope you get this! :)

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