Article :: Thank you, Divya!

This is a quick appreciation post for I purchased a domain about a week ago and, as all noobs, I had trouble with the settings. Of course, I asked my friends. Dr. Faheem was kind enough to help me with this form. However, the technical jibber-jabber went over my head.

Five days since the purchase and the URL hosting process still at level zero – I sought the help of the customer care service at GoDaddy, 040-49187600. There was no soulful music to enrich my ears. The electronic female voice immediately transferred me to the human. Enter, Divya!

Divya, a patient, helpful and very effective customer-care rep. She patiently took the necessary information, asked about the problem, and took me through the process in easy steps. Not only did she help me with the settings, she also provided the necessary information there is to understand what those technical things mean. In addition, (with my permission) she mailed a few related articles with simple steps that could take my site to advanced levels. All this in a mere fifteen minutes! WOW!

Thank you, Divya! I hope this reaches you.

I would also like to put in an appreciation for GoDaddy to employ such effective customer reps who have good communication and technical skills. In addition, a special mention for the speed of their servers (if that’s the right word to use) – even though it has a 24-48 hours waiting period, my site was active in less than an hour. Yayy!!!

Yep, so now I can say - - MY WEBSITE!!!

-A Happy Customer

All images - GoDaddy's Facebook

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