Reblog :: Subho's Jejune Diet: Forgiveness is Divine!

Is forgiveness humanly possible? Millions of people do it every day. So, is the answer 'yes'? A few days ago, I stumbled on to this quote by Mark Twain and I thought, 'No way! No way could anybody ever do that.' However, I understood that it is only that way in which one can forgive. My mind was running over these thoughts and I get an email notification: Subhorup's blog update. Now this is definitely a divine coincidence that the post happened to be on forgiveness!

A brief extract from the post:
"I remember that when I was younger, it was very hard for me to forgive. My mind would go in a loop replaying the nasty incident... There may be many ways in which people find their path to forgiveness. I rationalize by imagining all kinds of terrible things that the person must be going through to have caused them to behave in the way they did; it helps me forgive easily."
Read the complete post here.
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