Big Deal #3: The A-line Bob

Now, it is true that when a woman wants to change something in her life (for a refreshing feel, or whatever) the first thing she goes for is a change in hairstyle. I'm the kind who gets a haircut every 3 months. So, for me to adopt this 'change your hair-change yourself' formula was to take it to an extreme step.

Voila! The a-line bob.

It's a big deal 'coz

1. I did this myself
2. The last time I had my hair in a bob was in grade 1

The bonus of this big deal was the hair colour. My hair is damn stubborn and never takes on colour. After much consideration, I went for those permanent hair colours. It worked. Yes, it's safe. Presenting my mahogany balayage!

The best thing about the balayage technique is it grows out in the most natural manner and looks beautiful till the very end.

Special thanks to April from Hair 101 for her tips and tricks for hair cuts and colour.
PS: I'll post an updated picture of the grown out balayage soon.

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