Poem :: You Know You're Feeling It

You know you're feeling it--
When the blue of the sky,
Is like the hope inside;
The swishing leaves,
Give sound to your voice;
When the flying birds,
Are wings to desires--
Yes, you're feeling it!

When your smile in solitude,
Is a crescent of the moon;
And the clouds move,
With the rhythm of your heart;
When the glittering stars,
Make you count dreams;
And the dancing moonlight,
Makes you feel like a queen--
You're feeling it!

When your heart feels big,
Like the deep blue sea;
The roaring waves,
Shout out your passion;
The mist meets your face,
Like a lover’s kiss;
And the horizon becomes,
Your rendezvous with life--
Yes, you're feeling it!
Hell yeah! I’m feeling it.


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