He gets the nerds partying

‘Hey! You’re in Slytherin?’ he asked looking at my green tee-shirt with the Slytherin logo on it.
‘Yes,’ I said.
‘So, I gotta be scared of you!’ he laughed. 'You're probably gonna send snakes on me.'
I wanted to tell him I'd be the most mean Slyth he'd ever meet.
Instead, I said, ‘Oh! I’m one of the good ones.'
‘My house is Hufflepuff,” he said proudly.
I could tell immediately he was ‘one of us’ and by that, I mean the nerds, geeks, cool ones, the ones who dare to speak the Dark One’s name, etc – he’s a fanboy! Wearing his nerd-mania on the ‘sleeve’ (quite literally), Florida-based DJ Elliot reflected every bit of nerd-inclusivity as he got the party started at Comic Con Hyderabad (CCH).

Here's what two nerds spoke about...

This story was first published in The Hans India. Read it here.


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