Poem :: Darling, Did I Tell You About Volcanoes?

How dare you think,
It’ll all be okay?
You’ll whip up a poem, and
Make it all go away?
Scars out of sight,
Run deeper than the Pacific,
Like volcanoes in its cold water.
And, darling!
Did I ever tell you about volcanoes?
Burning, boiling, brimming inside
Hot, molten lava they hide.
When they’re done veiling, and
The burning’s intolerable,
Hell, they unleash with all their might.
Scorching, searing, superheated lava,
Reducing every bit to ash,
Finishing every existence.
And, darling! Do you know,
What the volcano feels?
Relived, calm, and at peace.

Image courtesy: Internet. I don't own the image

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