Poem :: I Wish I Knew I Wasn't Special

At Chowmahalla Palace, Hyderabad

I wish I knew how simple I was;
Nothing special or extraordinary;
Neither glory awaits me;
Nor achievements, a desire.

I could've been, an
Average joe, insignificant;
Or, perhaps a basic bitch,
Whose identity a jest.

But, they told me I'm special,
And believed them I did;
I'm one-of-a-kind,
With talents and flaws so divine.

They told me to celebrate,
An imaginary uniqueness;
So, I hid behind the facade,
Of a missing prowess.

And, they told me I'll falter
Regardless my efforts and time;
What classifies as success?
T'was not mine to define.

I took my gut advice;
Oh! What wisdom it knew?
But, I was awesome,
The delusion did brew.

Stronger turned the fantasy;
The weaker I became;
Sure to lose myself;
In this life, a tough game.

Now I sit here;
With my losses and flaws;
I wish someone would have told me;
Just how simple I was.
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