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The liberatory power of makeup

Lisa Eldridge’s first book, ‘Face Paint: The Story of Makeup’ is a reminder of human social obligations; of wanting to belong and feel accepted This book review/feature was first published for The Hans India "Makeup, as we know it, has only been commercially available in the last 100 years, but applying decoration to the face and body may be one of the oldest global social practices.” London-based makeup artiste, Lisa Eldridge has added another shade to her palette of achievements with her first book, ‘Face Paint: The Story of Makeup’. In ‘Face Paint’, the red carpet specialist with over 20 years of experience in the industry reveals the history of makeup, from Egyptian ages through the Victorian age and the golden era of Hollywood, and surveys the science of cosmetics for what lies ahead in it. She narrates a story tracing the origins of makeup to its development over centuries citing anthropological, psychological, evolutionary and sexual significances as she

Poem :: I Wish I Knew I Wasn't Special

At Chowmahalla Palace, Hyderabad

I wish I knew how simple I was;
Nothing special or extraordinary;
Neither glory awaits me;
Nor achievements, a desire.

I could've been, an
Average joe, insignificant;
Or, perhaps a basic bitch,
Whose identity a jest.

But, they told me I'm special,
And believed them I did;
I'm one-of-a-kind,
With talents and flaws so divine.

They told me to celebrate,
An imaginary uniqueness;
So, I hid behind the facade,
Of a missing prowess.

And, they told me I'll falter
Regardless my efforts and time;
What classifies as success?
T'was not mine to define.

I took my gut advice;
Oh! What wisdom it knew?
But, I was awesome,
The delusion did brew.

Stronger turned the fantasy;
The weaker I became;
Sure to lose myself;
In this life, a tough game.

Now I sit here;
With my losses and flaws;
I wish someone would have told me;
Just how simple I was.
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