Poem :: When A Star...

Up in the heavens,
A star woke up quiet;
Its sleep was a troubled turmoil,
Having burned through many nights.
It said to a partner,
My sheen's abandoned my soul,
I'm all but a shadow,
Away from splendour,
A hollow Hole.

Little did the star know,
Its light streaked seven skies;
Travelled through million years and more,
Reached a pseudo blue field, where
She stood under an open world.
A moonless midnight, no cloud in sight;
Looking up above, oh! so high;
I'll shine like that diamond,
A dream she designed.

Unbeknownst of the star's death,
She breathed a warm sigh.
Death laughed at the star,
In the Light of the heavens.
Sorrow crept in its darkness,
'A cruel joke to rob my pride'
Thought the star as its partner cried,
In surrender or anguish?
Death had turned its eye.

It saw the Blaze surround the partner-
Purple, red, blue;
Ridiculously hot and spiced.
Knew the star its worth in Time,
Today is Eternity, so is my Shine;
Pain vanished from its darkness
And, it lept in delight.
'Thank Heavens, it's over;
I now live in the Light.'
- Asra
Image: I own the image

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