Poem :: Dear Anxiety

Dear Anxiety,
It's nice to have finally met you
Though you've always been
A part of me,
Nesting in the womb of my mind.
The eggs you laid
A long time ago,
It gives me dirty butterflies
In every breath you should know
Yet, I don't blame you or your role.

You're a whirlpool
Of overbearing thoughts,
You're a parasite, a plague;
A constant whirring in my head,
You cause me shortness of breath.
My feelings you confused
My friendships you destroyed
And, crashed you did, my
Default systems, my functions
Dear Anxiety, you are an affliction.

Yet, it's nice to have met you
To say this hello
Come, we'll live together
By each other's side.
It's not a contest,
So, don't claim this body.
Have your fun from a distance,
And, I'll have mine.
Dear Anxiety, you've been so alone
Join me, your friend; I'll be your home.


image courtesy: here

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