Photo :: Thirty-seven Seconds to Gratitude

It rained last night.
Today I had to go out for some work and I took an Uber. It so happened that I was passing the Hussainsagar Lake. I requested my Uber driver to stop near the water body for at least two minutes so I can look at it. It seemed a strange request to him and he was hesitant. I told him that it's been SO long we've been indoors thanks to the lockdown and it seems like another one is on the way (no update so far, but that's what we hear). Anyway...  After a little bargain, I stayed there for 37 seconds. And although it wasn't enough to quench my thirst, I felt immense gratitude to have the opportunity to look at the waves and smell the water. Small victories count a lot.
photo: I own the image. Do not copy.

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